the more
you know
the less
you care

ready for 2021

It is what it is... the pandemic forces us to stay at home.
Although we gladly do whatever we can personally to help getting the infection rate down we still miss rehearsals, hanging out, talking...

We're all sitting in the same boat - let's do our best to keep it afloat!

In other news: we prepare ourselves for recording our first full-length studio album! That's right! The EP helped us to figure out where the journey is going and with the album we're finally going to meet our first stop. Though we can't rehearse at the moment, we still write riffs, songs and lyrics at home, record them and somehow glue them together via internet. This allows us to arrange everything like we want to without wasting precious studio time. We don't know how long the pandemic / lockdown will last but we make sure to come as prepared as we possibly can to face the challenges ahead!

In the meantime you can check out the music, merch and other stuff we created. Any support is welcome!

Stay healthy!
-Jo, Jan & Phil





we are dromopod

Founded in November 2018, the post-metal band consists of the members Johannes Tief (vocals, guitar), Jan Haas (bass) and Philipp Baumann (drums). Showing the characteristic influences of progressive and post metal bands such as Tool, Amenra and Psychonaut, the dynamic music style is characterized by elaborate, opaque rhythm and bar changes, complex song structures and clean vocals. After a one-year creative phase, the guys from Ludwigsburg (DE) released their first, four-song EP with "Collision" on April 24th 2020.